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News Archives - 2007


Washington Utility Plans 500-Kilowatt Solar Power Project
Hawaiian Utility Seeks Biofuel as Energy Source for Power Plant
Long Island Utility Seeks to Build a 5-Megawatt Fuel Cell Power Plant
DOE to Offer $17 Million for Plug-In Hybrid and E85 Research
Clean Energy Investments More Than Double in 2006


DOE Requests $1.2 Billion for Office of Efficiency and Renewable Energy
DOE Budget Includes Loan Guarantees for Biofuels and Renewables


DOE Loan Guarantee Applications Led by Renewable, Efficiency Projects
USDA Offers Clean Energy Grants and Loan Guarantees


Automotive X Prize to Award Megabucks for Fuel-Efficient Cars


DOE Offers $200 Million for Small-Scale Cellulosic Biorefineries
EERE Encourages You to Take Our Web Site Survey
DOE Issues Proposed Rules for Clean Energy Loan Guarantees
Sixteen Cities and Five Banks Join Efficiency Effort for Buildings
Iowa Establishes a $100 Million Clean Energy Fund


DOE and USDA Offer $18 Million for Biomass Research
DOE to Invest $40 Million for Efficient Housing Research
DOE to Invest $60 Million for Solar Energy Research
Global Annual Investment in Renewable Energy Hits $100 Billion
BLM and U.S. Forest Service to Consider Expanded Geothermal Leasing


Oregon Requires Biofuel Blends in Both Gasoline and Diesel Fuels
DOE's NREL Seeks Proposals for Independent Testing for Small Turbines
Growing Wind Industry Yields New Plants in Four States


Delaware Doubles its Renewable Requirement, Adds Solar Set-Asides
DOE to Fund Energy Audits for Schools in New Orleans
USDA Guarantees $97 Million in Loans for Biomass Projects


Illinois Requires 25 Percent Renewable Power by 2025
Kentucky Sets Incentives for Biofuels and Renewable Energy


New California Energy Acts Include Incentives for Solar Water Heating
DOE Seeks Clean Energy Entrepreneurs to Work at Three National Labs


Report Finds Major Economic Benefits to Efficiency, Renewables


Request For Proposal Issued for Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems (SEGIS) Program
DOE to Provide Up To $30 Million for Acceleration of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology Deployment