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DOE Provides $96.4 Million for Home Weatherization

July 6, 2006

DOE announced on July 6th that it will award $96.4 million in weatherization program grants to 19 states for energy efficiency improvements in low-income households. These 19 states begin their weatherization year in the summer; in April, $140.3 million in weatherization grants were announced for the remaining 31 states. Every state will receive weatherization grants this year, as well as the District of Columbia, the Navajo Nation, and the Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona. The total funding for fiscal year 2006 is $243 million, which will provide weatherization to approximately 96,560 homes. See the DOE press release.

DOE's Weatherization Assistance Program performs energy audits to identify the most cost-effective measures for each home. The energy-saving measures can include adding insulation, reducing air infiltration, servicing heating and cooling systems, and providing health and safety diagnostic services. Weatherization can reduce an average home's energy costs by $358 annually and can lead to more jobs, more affordable housing, higher property values, reduced fire risks, and lower owner and renter turnover. See the Weatherization Assistance Program Web site.