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DOE Extends Deadline for Clean Energy Loan Guarantees

October 29, 2008

DOE announced on October 29 that it is extending the application due date for loan guarantees related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and advanced transmission and distribution technologies. Interest in the loan guarantees has been so extensive that DOE has decided to move the application due date back two months for stand-alone and manufacturing projects, as well as the due date for Part I applications for large-scale integration projects, from December 31, 2008, to February 26, 2009. All project sponsors who have already filed an application with DOE may append, supplement, or revise their application before February 26, 2009. DOE's Loan Guarantee program aims to facilitate the commercial use of new or significantly improved technologies in energy-related projects. Loan guarantees issued by DOE are backed with the full faith and credit of the United States.

For large-scale integration projects, Part I applications provide a top-level description of the project and require only a quarter of the usual application fee. After a screening process by DOE, successful applicants will be asked to submit a more detailed Part II application, along with the remainder of the application fee. DOE also sets the Part II application due date at that time, but the latest that Part II applications can be submitted is April 30, 2009, and that ultimate due date is unchanged. See the DOE press release, the Loan Guarantee Program, and the revised solicitation (PDF 409 KB). Download Adobe Reader.