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Clean Cities Funding Opportunity Issued

February 24, 2009

Clean Cities Funding Opportunity Issued February 24, 2009 The Clean Cities FY09 Petroleum Reduction Technologies Projects for the Transportation Sector, Funding Opportunity Number DE-PS26-09NT01236-00, Mod. 003 has been issued. The intent of the FOA modification will be to further domestic manufacture and use of energy efficient advanced transportation vehicles (ATVs), alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), and alternative fuels (AFs). As required by section 721 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, prospective applicants shall be limited to heads of state or local governments or a metropolitan transportation authority, or combinations of these, and a designated Clean Cities Coalition (designated Coalition list is at Clean Cities Coalitions) in order to apply. Areas of Interest (AOI) include (1) funds for refueling infrastructure for AFs on cost-shared projects (funding minimum of $1.3 million to maximum of $2.6 million); (2) funds for incremental costs of dedicated AFVs purchased from original equipment manufacturers (funding min. of $800K to max. of $1.6 million); (3) funds for education, outreach, and workshops for petroleum reduction fuels and technologies to raise awareness and foster a greater understanding of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies (funding min. $900K to $1.8 million); (4) funds for cost-shared projects that expand the use of alternative fuel and advanced vehicle technologies including the installation or acquisition of infrastructure necessary to directly support these vehicles (funding max. is $300 million). Minimum DOE funding represents FY09 funding. Proposals will be required to include: 1) a detailed description of the project team and partnering arrangement (related technical expertise and experience, roles and responsibilities of parties, etc.); 2) a description of the proposed project, including how the project meets the requirements; 3)an estimate of jobs directly created or retained as a result of this project (e.g. construction workers) as well as those indirectly created in industries or services that support the project (e.g. workers in factories that provide vehicles, infrastructure, operating and maintenance services, and training related to these jobs and skill sets); 4) an estimate of vehicle and fuel use, or degree of use of the project; 5) an estimate of the air pollution emissions reduced and petroleum fuel displaced as a result of the project, and a plan to collect and disseminate environmental data related to the project; 6) a description of how the project will be sustainable without Federal assistance after the completion of the grant; 7) a complete description of the project costs, including acquisition, construction, operation, and maintenance costs over the expected life of the project; 8) a description of which costs of the project will be supported by federal assistance. Proposals that are ready for immediate initiation, including evidence of mature design, site agreements, site licensing and permitting, partner commitments, and equipment availability, will receive higher priority in the evaluation process. The Modification and full announcement are available at www.Grants.gov. Application due date for AOI 01 through 03 is 31 March 2009, and for AOI 04 it is 29 May 2009.