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EERE International Program New Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0000697)

May 7, 2012

The EERE International Program issued a new Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0000697) on "Sustainable Cities: Urban energy planning for smart growth in China and India."  

The objective of this FOA is to deploy U.S. technical expertise in the area of sustainable urban development to cities in China and India through a variety of activities such as strategic and policy planning and analysis, design and management, energy market assessment, energy modeling, financial management, improvement of governance in local bodies, workforce development, technical assessment and analysis.  Benefits to the U.S. can include increased partnership opportunities for U.S. clean energy technology companies so they can grow, exports of domestic clean energy technologies and services in rapidly expanding markets, as well as access to data on clean energy policy and programs success and challenges that can inform U.S. national and sub national policy development. DOE anticipates providing $750,000 total to several Awardees over a period of up to two years to accomplish the goals of this funding opportunity.  

For more information on this opportunity, please see the EERE Funding Opportunity Exchange website: https://eere-exchange.energy.gov/#49ecd369-be51-41fa-957a-9a81ff1a288e