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Concentrating Solar Power

Open Date: 05/24/2007

Close Date: 08/09/2007

Funding Organization: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Funding Number: DE-PS36-07GO97028


The goal of this opportunity is for the Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technologies Program to establish cooperative research, development, and demonstration awards with industry and universities for concentrating solar power (CSP) research, with an eye toward achieving the nominal levelized cost of energy target of 7-10¢/kWh by 2015 and 5-7¢/kWh by 2020. This funding opportunity focuses on three areas of interest:

  • Thermal storage: The objective is to develop low-cost, high-temperature storage that enables trough technology to reach its 2020 cost goal. To achieve this goal, storage cost of less than $15/kWh thermal is desired with round-trip efficiencies at or greater than 93%.
  • Trough component manufacturing: The objectives are to lower the cost of major components of a trough system and to establish manufacturing capability of those components in the United States.
  • Advanced CSP systems and/or components: The objective is to identify concepts that can generate low-cost power (under 7¢/kWh) with storage (12-17 hours) by 2020. Applicants may propose either an entire system or focus on a component of a CSP system.

Last updated: 08/03/2009

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