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Research, Development, and Demonstration in Enhanced Geothermal Systems

Funding: Up to $43,100,000

Open Date: 03/10/2008

Close Date: 07/31/2008

Selection Announcement: 2008-10-03

Funding Organization: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Funding Number: DE-PS36-08GO98008


In October 2008, twenty-one separate awards were made under Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) Geothermal FOA DE-PS36-08GO98008 for research, development and demonstration of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) for next-generation geothermal energy technologies.

Subject to annual appropriations, DOE will provide up to $43.1 million over four years to 21 awardees, including a record 13 awards to first-time recipients. With cost-share by the recipients, the public-private investments will be up to $78 million. The FOA solicited applications in two topic areas: component technologies research and development, and system demonstrations.

Seventeen awards were made in component technologies research and development that will address aspects of engineered reservoir creation, management and utilization at high temperatures up to 300°C and depths as great as 10,000 meters, including 12 awards to first-time recipients. DOE awarded $8.7 million to fund these projects for a total of up to $19.1 million over four years, subject to annual appropriations. Award recipients will contribute up to $11.2 million for a total of up to $30.3 million in public-private research and development activities.

Four recipients were selected under systems demonstration, which will allow testing and validation of stimulation techniques for improving productivity of wells or increasing inter-well connectivity at existing geothermal fields. DOE awarded $3.7 million to fund these projects, for a total of up to approximately $24 million over four years, subject to annual appropriations. Industry alone will contribute an additional $23.7 million, an almost 50 percent cost-share. This total of up to $47.7 million shows tremendous cooperative effort in EGS development. The success of these projects could result in over 400 MWe in new grid capacity within the next five years.

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