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Geothermal Energy Production from: (A) Low-Temperature Resources; (B) Coproduced Fluids; and (C) Geopressured Resources

Funding: Varies by topic area and phase

Open Date: 05/12/2010

Close Date: 07/09/2010

Funding Organization: Department of Energy, Geothermal Technologies Program

Funding Number: DE-FOA-0000318


The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Geothermal Technologies Program (GTP) has released a Funding Opportunity Announcement that seeks innovative demonstration of energy production from non-conventional geothermal resources in the following topic areas:

A. Low-Temperature Geothermal Fluids at temperatures up to 300°F
B. Geothermal Fluids Co-produced from productive, unproductive, or marginal oil  and/or gas wells; other hydrocarbon production; or mineral recovery/mining operations   
C. Geopressured Resources that show potential for economic recovery of heat, kinetic energy, and gas.  

Innovation may include innovative cooling systems (e.g., air, water, or hybrid systems), use of innovative working fluids, the use of more efficient heat exchanger materials, and/or maximization of energy utilization via combination of electricity generation and direct technologies.

Projects will be split into phases, spanning up to 36 months total:

  • Phase 1 – Feasibility Study and Engineering Design and Permitting
  • Phase 2 – Procurement, Installation, and Commissioning of Equipment
  • Phase 3 – Operation and Maintenance  

Phase 1 will consist of approximately 15-25 awards with funding of up to $750,000 for each topic area. Following a competitive project review, scheduled for July 2011, GTP anticipates down-selecting to approximately 5 awards with additional possible funding of $1.5 million for topic areas A and B, and an additional possible $4.25 million for topic area C.  

Additional Information:

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Last updated: 07/20/2011

Funding amounts and schedules are subject to change.