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Explore these links to governmental and various resources to learn about geothermal technologies and the geothermal community.

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Associations and Organizations

Following are links to geothermal industry and professionals associations.

The International: Organizations, Finance and NGOs section contains links to international geothermal associations.

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Education: General and Higher

Explore these links to find geothermal education resources for consumers, educators and students.

General Education

Higher Education

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Government: Federal and State

Following are links to some federal and state programs that support geothermal energy development.


Find technical assistance and geothermal funding opportunities below.

Learn more about funding of geothermal energy projects in developing nations here:

State and Local

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Learn more about geothermal source heat pumps, managed by the U.S. Department of Energy's Building Technologies Office.

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International: Organizations, Finance and NGOs

Learn more about global professional associations, funding opportunities and non-governmental organizations.

The Government: Federal and State section includes links to U.S. government agencies that fund geothermal energy in developing nations.

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Research Laboratories, Facilities and Innovations

Learn more about the research and innovations supporting baseload geothermal energy as a significant contributor to our nation's energy.

DOE National Laboratories Active in Geothermal Technology Research

Other Research Facilities

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Other Resource Links

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