Doug Hollett Gives Keynote Presentation at Stanford Geothermal Workshop

January 30, 2012

The Program Manager of the Geothermal Technologies Program, Doug Hollett gave a keynote address at the 37th Stanford Geothermal Workshop in Stanford, California. The workshop brings together engineers, scientists and managers involved in geothermal reservoir studies and developments, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas on the exploration, development and use of geothermal resources.
Emphasizing the benefits of the Program and the geothermal resource potential, Mr. Hollett outlined the future direction of the Program, and highlighted portfolio projects with potential to make long-term impacts on geothermal development and deployment in the United States.

Mr. Hollett announced the dates of the Geothermal Technologies Program 2012 Peer Review, to be held May 7-11, 2012 in Westminster, Colorado. Principal investigators will present the results of their projects for peer review, learn and network with other stakeholders and Program staff. Approximately 169 projects will be presented, representing a total U.S. Department of Energy investment of over $340 million.

Today, also marked the release of an updated Induced Seismicity Protocol which provides a set of guidance detailing useful steps geothermal project proponents can take to address induced seismicity issues.

View Mr. Hollett's presentation, learn more about the Stanford Geothermal Workshop, or download the Induced Seismicity Protocol.