Dominica Grants Geothermal Exploration and Development License to Caribbean Company

July 23, 2008

The geothermal resources of Dominica will now be developed by a Caribbean company as a long-term response to the high cost of electricity in the country. The government Thursday officially signed the final paperwork necessary to grant the geothermal exploration and development license to West Indies Power Dominica Limited (WIPDL). The company is expected to develop the geothermal resources located in the southern part of the island and generate reliable, low-cost electricity to the people of Dominica. Shortly following today's signing ceremony, the WIPDL will commence the necessary development work. All this comes, however, as the Chief Executive Officer of Clean Energy Cooperation is voicing strong objections against the licensure.Washway Douglas says the government of Dominica is encouraging this sort of foreign investment when it should instead capitalize on its own development project. Geothermal energy is generated by heat stored beneath the earth's surface and therefore requires no purchase of fuel. Efforts have been ongoing throughout the Caribbean to harness this energy source as one of the means of reducing increasing fuel costs.

Dominica Correspondent 23.JUL.08