New Geothermal Prospects in the Western United States Show Promise

February 27, 2013

New geothermal prospects in the western United States show promise, according to the new 2013 Annual U.S. Geothermal Power Production and Development Report, published by the Geothermal Energy Association this week. With an estimate of more than 500 Megawatts of new potential in Oregon alone, industry leader AltaRock Energy's spokesman David Stowe claims that resource capacity expands exponentially further when Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) technology is added to the mix.  At the Newberry Volcano near Bend, Oregon, a successful  demonstration of this technology, funded by the US Department of Energy, is showing early signs that multiple geothermal reservoirs can be created from a single well. The implications of this first-ever accomplishment may rock the geothermal energy world, tripling or quadrupling electricity production at geothermal power plants. Read more in this article, Geothermal on the rise across the U.S.