Intergovernmental Initiatives

Federal Interagency Geothermal Activities Document

Federal Interagency Geothermal Activities is a collaborative document, describing the roles and responsibilities of key federal agencies in the development of geothermal technologies. Those agencies include the U.S. Department of Energy; the U.S. Department of Agriculture, including the U.S. Forest Service; the U.S. Department of Interior, including the U.S. Geological Survey and Bureau of Land Management; the Environmental Protection Agency; and the Department of Defense. The paper also highlights the activities of those agencies, that as early adopters, are deploying geothermal technologies for end-use applications. In identifying these federal initiatives, it is the purpose of this document to provide an overview of relevant federal policies and programs for the geothermal industry, financial community, policymakers, state and local government, other stakeholders and the American public.

The document will be updated regularly to reflect new interagency activities and highlighting milestones achieved by the federal agencies involved in geothermal energy development activities.

Download the Federal Interagency Geothermal Activities documentPDF (updated June 2011)

The Geothermal Technologies Office is collaborating internationally to develop effective methodologies and practices for geothermal development, through participation in the International Partnership for Geothermal Technology (IPGT) and the International Energy Agency's Geothermal Implementing Agreement (IEA-GIA). Learn more about these organizations and other interagency activities here.

International Partnership for Geothermal Technology (IPGT)

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Participation in the IPGT demonstrates world geothermal leaders' commitment to international energy cooperation and advancing the development of new technologies.

The IPGT provides a forum for government and industry leaders to coordinate their efforts and collaborate on projects. Partners share information on results and best practices to avoid blind alleys, limit unnecessary duplication and efficiently accelerate the development of geothermal technologies.

Partnership Goals

The IPGT is working to bring about widespread, international commercialization of advanced geothermal technologies, relying on the joint expertise of geothermal leaders throughout the world. The IPGT strengthens the relationship between the renewable energy sectors in member countries and serves as a model for future collaborations.

Participating Members

Government of Australia | Iceland | Switzerland | United States of America | New Zealand

Technology Working Groups


International Energy Agency's Geothermal Implementing Agreement (IEA-GIA)

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The United States is one of 20 IEA-GIA members. The IEA-GIA provides an important framework for wide-ranging international cooperation in geothermal R&D. Its activities presently cover four different research areas: Environmental Impacts of Geothermal Development, Enhanced Geothermal Systems, Advanced Geothermal Drilling Technology and Direct Use of Geothermal Energy.

For more information, see IEA Geothermal Goals, Activities, Benefits, Obligations and Cost.