U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Geothermal Technologies Office


Geothermal analysis activities provide direction, focus and support for answering key questions pertaining to geothermal technology development and commercialization, and encompass all geothermal technologies pathways—from innovative exploration to surface power conversion. Geothermal analysis provides data and information tools to support the Program's RD&D activities and inform decision-makers.

Analyses guided and supported by the Program primarily focus on:

and Financial Analysis

Techno-Economic and
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Data and Resource Assessment
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Environmental Impacts
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  • Conducting life cycle analyses looking at all aspects of a resource and the possible environmental impacts should the resource be tapped.
  • Working with geothermal power plant operators to measure water consumption and the variability of use in cooling operations, field operations, and other power plant uses in an effort to identify opportunities to improve water use efficiency and reduce consumption.
  • Solving potential environmental risks associated with Enhanced Geothermal Systems.  

Siting and Permitting
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  • Researching the transmission constraints that could affect the development, deliverability, and cost-effectiveness of utility-scale geothermal electricity generation.
  • Providing information on permitting requirements that need to be followed when developing a geothermal resource.
  • Helping guide state and local officials develop effective policies that support geothermal electricity generation technologies.