2009 New Fuel Cell Projects Meeting

On September 30 – October 1, 2009, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) held a kick-off meeting for new projects awarded under a fuel cell solicitation. Principal investigators presented project overviews, which are provided below.

Topics include:

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Meeting Agenda and Overviews

  • Meeting Agenda (PDF 83 KB)
  • Program Overview (PDF 1.3 MB), Sunita Satyapal and Dimitrios Papageorgopoulos
  • Reporting Requirements (PDF 251 KB), Dave Peterson


  • Nanosegregated Cathode Catalysts with Ultra-Low Platinum Loading (PDF 4.2 MB), Nenad Markovic, ANL
  • Extended, Continuous Pt Nanostructures in Thick, Dispersed Electrodes (PDF 1.9 MB), Bryan Pivovar, NREL
  • Contiguous Platinum Monolayer Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts on High-Stability-Low-Cost Supports (PDF 4.6 MB), Radoslav Adzic, BNL
  • The Science and Engineering of Durable Ultralow PGM Catalysts (PDF 668 KB), Fernando Garzon, LANL (Brosha)
  • Molecular-scale, Three-dimensional Non-Platinum Group Metal Electrodes for Catalysis of Fuel Cell Reactions (PDF 470 KB), John Kerr, LBNL (Weber/Zelenay)
  • Durable Catalysts For Fuel Cell Protection During Transient Conditions (PDF 616 KB), Radoslav Atanasoski, 3M


  • Transport Studies Enabling Efficiency Optimization of Cost-Competitive Fuel Cell Stacks (PDF 952 KB), James Cross, Nuvera
  • Fuel Cell Fundamentals at Low and Subzero Temperatures (PDF 579 KB), Adam Weber, LBNL
  • Development and Validation of a Two-phase, Three-dimensional Model for PEM Fuel Cells (PDF 462 KB), Ken Chen, SNL
  • Transport Studies and PEMFC Stacks (PDF 1.42 MB), Cortney Mittelsteadt, Giner


  • Durability Improvements Through Degradation Mechanism Studies (PDF 492 KB), Rod Borup, LANL
  • Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Lifetime Limitations: The Role of Electrocatalyst Degradation (PDF 2.9 MB), Debbie Myers, ANL
  • Development of Micro-Structural Mitigation Strategies for PEM Fuel Cells: Morphological Simulation and Experimental Approaches (PDF 362 KB), Silvia Wessel, Ballard
  • Durability of Low Pt Fuel Cells Operated at High Power Density (PDF 959 KB), James Cross, Nuvera
  • Improved AST's Based on Real World FCV Data (PDF 313 KB), Tom Madden, UTC
  • Accelerated Testing Validation (PDF 413 KB), Rangachary Mukundan, LANL
  • Effect of System and Air Contaminants on PEMFC Performance and Durability (PDF 51 KB), Huyen Dinh, NREL
  • The Effect of Airborne Contaminants on Fuel Cell Performance & Durability (PDF 341 KB), Rick Rocheleau, University of Hawaii

Innovative Concepts

  • Engineered Nano-scale Ceramic Supports for PEM Fuel Cells (PDF 673 KB), Eric Brosha, LANL
  • Metallic Bipolar Plates with Composite Coatings (PDF 499 KB), Jennifer Mawdsley, ANL
  • Resonance-Stabilized Anion Exchange Polymer Electrolytes (PDF 532 KB), Yu Seung Kim, LANL
  • Low Cost PEM Fuel Cell Metal Bipolar Plates (PDF 2.1 MB), Conghua Wang, TreadStone Technologies
  • Advanced Materials for Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (RSOFC), Dual Mode Operation with Low Degradation (PDF 3.5 MB), Randy Petri, Versa Power Systems
  • Materials & Modules for Low-Cost, High Performance Fuel Cell Humidifiers (PDF 443 KB), Will Johnson, W. L. Gore & Associates

Portable Power

  • Novel Approach to Advanced Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Anode Catalysts (PDF 1.4 MB), Tom Gennett, NREL
  • Novel Materials for High Efficiency Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (PDF 394 KB), Chris Roger, Arkema
  • New MEA Materials for Improved DMFC Performance, Durability and Cost (PDF 545 KB), Philip Cox, PolyFuel