DOE 2010-2025 Scenario Analysis Meeting: January 31, 2007

The U.S. Department of Energy sponsored a 2010-2025 Scenario Analysis for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and Infrastructure Meeting in Washington, DC, on January 31, 2007. This third and last meeting with program stakeholders was held to review DOE's hydrogen scenario analysis activities and to seek additional feedback from outside experts. The meeting brought together industry representatives, analysts, national laboratory employees, and DOE program managers.

Discussion topics included market penetration rates, lighthouse networks and fueling station layouts, hydrogen production and delivery options, and policy and incentive options.

This meeting is part of an effort by DOE to evaluate the impacts of alternative market interventions on the 2010-2025 deployment of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure, as recommended by the National Research Council. A range of options will be evaluated, but no specific policies will be recommended by DOE.

The following meeting documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Agenda and Attendees


Overview of 1010-2025 Scenarios (PDF 655 KB), Sigmund Gronich, DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Office

Geographically Based Hydrogen Demand and Infrastructure Rollout Scenario Analysis (PDF 3.7 MB), Margo Melendez, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Policy Options for Hydrogen Vehicles and Infrastructure (PDF 272 KB), Stefan Unnasch and Daniel Rutherford, TIAX, LLC

Discrete Choice Analysis: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Demand Potential (PDF 2.37 MB), Cory Welch, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Costs and Impacts of Policies (PDF 290 KB), David L. Greene and Paul N. Leiby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory