2003 Annual Progress Report

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VI. Integrated Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Demonstration/Analysis

A. System Analysis

  1. Research and Development of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Reformer, and Vehicle Refueling Facility, Venki Raman Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (PDF 248 KB)
  2. Fuel Choice for Fuel Cell Vehicles: Stakeholder Risk Analysis, Stephen Lasher, TIAX, LLC. (PDF 176 KB)
  3. Hydrogen Commercialization: Transportation Fuel for the 21st Century, William L. Clapper, SunLine Services Group. (PDF 173 KB)

B. Demonstration

  1. Development of a Turnkey Commercial Hydrogen Fueling Station, David E. Guro, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (PDF 159 KB)
  2. Development of a Natural Gas to Hydrogen Fuel Station, William E. Liss, Gas Technology Institute. (PDF 279 KB)
  3. Fuel Cell-Powered Front-End Loader Mining Vehicle, David L. Barnes, Vehicle Projects, LLC. (PDF 163 KB)
  4. Advanced Underground Vehicle Power and Control Fuel Cell Mine Locomotive, David L. Barnes, Vehicle Projects, LLC. (PDF 223 KB)
  5. UNIGEN® Regenerative Fuel Cell For Uninterruptible Power Supply, Stephen Porter, Proton Energy Systems. (PDF 121 KB)

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