2003 Annual Progress Report

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IV. Fuel Cells

A. Transportation Power Systems

  1. Fuel Cell Systems Analysis, Rajesh K. Ahluwalia, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 280 KB)
  2. Fuel Cell Vehicle Systems Analysis, Keith Wipke, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 175 KB)
  3. Cost Analyses of Fuel Cell Stack/Systems, Eric J. Carlson, TIAX LLC (PDF 213 KB)
  4. Precious Metal Availability and Cost Analysis for PEMFC Commercialization, Eric J. Carlson, TIAX LLC (PDF 202 KB)
  5. DFMA Cost Estimates of Fuel-Cell/Reformer Systems at Low/Medium/High Production Rates, Brian D. James, Directed Technologies, Inc. (PDF 168 KB)
  6. Atmospheric Fuel Cell Power System for Transportation, Michael Tosca, UTC Fuel Cells (PDF 266 KB)
  7. Platinum Recycling Technology Development (New FY 2004 Project), Stephen Grot, Ion Power, Inc. (PDF 102 KB)
  8. Platinum Group Metal Recycling Technology Development (New FY 2004 Project), Arthur Bruce Robertson, Engelhard Corporation (PDF 99 KB)

B. Transportation Systems Components

  1. Cost and Performance Enhancements for a PEM Fuel Cell System, Mark K. Gee, Honeywell Engines, Systems & Services (PDF 278 KB)
  2. Development and Testing of a Toroidal Intersecting Vane Machine (TIVM) Air Management System, Sterling Bailey, Mechanology, LLC (PDF 231 KB)
  3. Motor Blower Technologies for Fuel Cell Automotive Power Systems, Thomas Clark, UTC Fuel Cells (PDF 330 KB)
  4. Hybrid Compressor/Expander Module, George E. Selecman, TIAX LLC (PDF 242 KB)
  5. Carbon Foam for Fuel Cell Humidification, Ronald D. Ott, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 247 KB)

C. Stationary Power Systems

  1. Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Power System on Ethanol, Ahmed Amrani, Caterpillar Inc. (PDF 270 KB)
  2. New Proton Conducting Solid Sulfide Membranes for Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cells, Steve W. Martin, Iowa State University of Science and Technology (PDF 182 KB)
  3. Fuel Cell Distributed Power Package Unit: Fuel Processing Based on Autothermal Cyclic Reforming, Vladimir Zamansky, General Electric Company (PDF 194 KB)
  4. Advanced Buildings PEM Fuel Cell System (New FY 2004 Project), Arne LaVen, IdaTech, LLC (PDF 125 KB)
  5. 150-kW PEM Fuel Cell Power Plant Verification and Regional Demonstration of 150-kW PEM Fuel Cell Power Plant (New FY 2004 Project), Douglas Wheeler, UTC Fuel Cells, LLC (PDF 107 KB)
  6. Backup/Peak Shaving Fuel Cell Systems - Design and Development of the GenCore™ II (New FY 2004 Project), John Vogel, (PDF 105 KB)
  7. Economic Analysis of PEMFC Systems (New FY 2004 Project), Harry J. Stone, Battelle (PDF 121 KB)

D. Fuel Processing Subsystem and Components

  1. Water-Gas Shift Catalysis, Sara Yu Choung, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 221 KB)
  2. Catalysts for Autothermal Reforming, Jennifer Mawdsley, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 179 KB)
  3. Development of Novel Water-Gas-Shift Membrane Reactor, W.S. Winston Ho, The Ohio State University (PDF 212 KB)
  4. On-Board Vehicle, Cost Effective Hydrogen Enhancement Technology for Transportation PEM Fuel Cells, Zissis Dardas United Technologies Research Center (PDF 222 KB)
  5. Plate-Based Fuel Processing System, R. A. Dalla Betta, Catalytica Energy Systems (PDF 160 KB)
  6. Quick-Starting Fuel Processors - A Feasibility Study, S. Ahmed, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 183 KB)
  7. Fast Start Reformer Components, Michael A. Inbody, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 228 KB)
  8. Reformate Cleanup: The Case for Microchannel Architecture, Ward E. TeGrotenhuis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 1.03 MB)
  9. Microchannel Steam Reformation of Hydrocarbon Fuels, Greg A. Whyatt, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 234 KB)
  10. Fuel Processors for PEM Fuel Cells, Levi Thompson, University of Michigan (PDF 266 KB)
  11. Sulfur Removal from Reformate, Theodore Krause, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 208 KB)
  12. Selective Catalytic Oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide, Timothy Armstrong, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 235 KB)
  13. Effects of Fuel Constituents on Fuel Processing Catalysts, John P. Kopasz, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 233 KB)
  14. Testing of Fuels in Fuel Cell Reformers, Rod Borup, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 307 KB)
  15. Development of Reaction Kinetics for Diesel-Based Fuel Cell Reformers, David A. Berry, National Energy Technology Laboratory (PDF 169 KB)
  16. Reforming of Diesel Fuel for Transportation Applications, John P. Kopasz, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 342 KB)
  17. Advanced High Efficiency Quick Start Fuel Processor for Transportation Applications, Prashant S. Chintawar, Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc. (PDF 245 KB)
  18. Development of a 50-kW Fuel Processor for Stationary Fuel Cell Applications Using Revolutionary Materials for Absorption-Enhanced Natural Gas Reforming (New FY 2004 Project), Jim Stevens, ChevronTexaco Technology Ventures (PDF 111 KB)

E. Fuel Cell Stack Subsystem and Components

  1. Integrated Manufacturing for Advanced Membrane Electrode Assemblies, Emory S. De Castro, De Nora N.A. (PDF 222 KB)
  2. Development of High Temperature Membranes and Improved Cathode Catalysts, Sathya Motupally, UTC Fuel Cells (PDF 307 KB)
  3. Advanced MEAs for Enhanced Operating Conditions, Mark K. Debe, 3M Company (PDF 1.69 MB)
  4. Ultra-Thin Composite Membrane-Electrode Assembly For High-Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells, Chao-Yi Yuh, FuelCell Energy, Inc. (PDF 214 KB)
  5. Development of High-Performance, Low-Pt Cathodes Containing New Catalysts and Layer Structure, Paolina Atanassova, Cabot Superior MicroPowders (PDF 237 KB)
  6. Design and Installation of a Pilot Plant for High-Volume Electrode Production, James Arps, Southwest Research Institute (PDF 178 KB)
  7. Scale-Up of Carbon/Carbon Composite Bipolar Plates, David Haack, Porvair Fuel Cell Technology, Inc. (PDF 316 KB)
  8. Carbon Composite Bipolar Plates, T. M. Besmann, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 233 KB)
  9. Cost-Effective Surface Modification for Metallic Bipolar Plates, M.P. Brady, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 216 KB)
  10. High-Performance, Matching, PEM Fuel Cell Components and Integrated Pilot Manufacturing Processes, Mark K. Debe, 3M Company (PDF 183 KB)
  11. High-Temperature Membranes, Thomas A. Zawodzinski, Case Western Reserve University (PDF 127 KB)
  12. Electrodes for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Operation on Hydrogen/Air and Reformate/Air, Francisco Uribe, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 167 KB)
  13. New Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells, Philip N. Ross, Jr., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PDF 200 KB)
  14. Low-Platinum Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction at Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Cathodes, Karen Swider Lyons, Naval Research Laboratory (PDF 319 KB)
  15. Low Platinum Loading Catalysts for Fuel Cells, Radoslav Adzic, Brookhaven National Laboratory (PDF 223 KB)
  16. Direct Methanol Fuel Cells, Piotr Zelenay, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 245 KB)
  17. Development of Advanced Catalysts for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells, S. R. Narayanan, California Institute of Technology (PDF 210 KB)
  18. Novel Approach to Non-Precious Metal Catalysts (New FY 2004 Project), Radoslav T. Atanasoski, 3M Company (PDF 96 KB)
  19. Novel Non-Precious Metals for PEMFC: Catalyst Selection Through Molecular Modeling and Durability Studies (New FY 2004 Project), Branko N. Popov University of South Carolina (PDF 105 KB)
  20. Development of a Thermal and Water Management System for PEM Fuel Cells (New FY 2004 Project), Mark K. Gee, Honeywell International Inc. (PDF 99 KB)
  21. Development of Polybenzimidazole-based, High-Temperature Membrane and Electrode Assemblies for Stationary and Automotive Applications (New FY 2004 Project), Rhonda Staudt, Plug Power, Inc. (PDF 105 KB)
  22. Development, Characterization, and Evaluation of Transition Metal/Chalcogen Based Cathode Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cells (New FY 2004 Project), Noordin Nanji, Ballard Power Systems Corporation (PDF 95 KB)
  23. PEM Stack Durability (New FY 2004 Project), Jayson W. Bauman, DuPont Fuel Cells (PDF 94 KB)
  24. MEA and Stack Durability for PEM Fuel Cells (New FY 2004 Project), Mike T. Hicks, 3M Company (PDF 102 KB)
  25. Development of a Low-Cost, Durable Membrane and Membrane Electrode Assembly for Stationary and Mobile Fuel Cell Applications (New FY 2004 Project), Michel Foure, Atofina Chemicals, Inc. (PDF 125 KB)

F. Crosscutting Fuel Cell Characterization and Evaluation

  1. Neutron Imaging Study Of the Water Transport Mechanism in a Working Fuel Cell, Muhammad Arif, National Institute of Standards and Technology (PDF 307 KB)
  2. Low-Friction Coatings and Materials for Fuel Cell Air Compressors, George R. Fenske, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 218 KB)
  3. Bipolar Plate-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, Deborah Myers, Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 236 KB)
  4. Assessment of Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Systems for On-Road Transportation Applications, Stephen Lasher, TIAX LLC (PDF 244 KB)
  5. Evaluation of Partial Oxidation Fuel Cell Reformer Emissions, Stefan Unnasch, TIAX LLC (PDF 142 KB)
  6. Modeling and Control of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Unit, Mohammad A. Khaleel, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 231 KB)
  7. Montana PEM Membrane Degradation Study, Year 1 Report, Dan Stevenson, CTA (PDF 299 KB)
  8. Microstructural Characterization of PEM Fuel Cells, Douglas A. Blom, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 287 KB)

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