2003 Annual Progress Report

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III. Hydrogen Storage

A. Compressed/Liquid H2 Tanks

  1. Hydrogen Composite Tank Project, Neel Sirosh, Quantum Fuel System Technologies Worldwide, Inc. (PDF 237 KB)
  2. Development of a Compressed Hydrogen Gas Integrated Storage System (CH2-ISS) for Fuel Cell Vehicles, John Wozniak, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory. (PDF 167 KB)
  3. Next Generation Hydrogen Storage, Andrew Weisberg, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. (PDF 299 KB)
  4. Hydrogen Storage in Insulated Pressure Vessels, Salvador M. Aceves, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. (PDF 214 KB)
  5. Low Permeation Liner for Hydrogen Gas Storage Tanks, Paul A. Lessing, Idaho National Engineering & Environmental Laboratory. (PDF 204 KB)
  6. Low Cost, High Efficiency, High Pressure Hydrogen Storage (New FY 2004 Project), Neel Sirosh, QUANTUM Technologies, Inc. (PDF 102 KB)

B. Hydrides

  1. Catalytically Enhanced Hydrogen Storage Systems, Craig M. Jensen, University of Hawaii. (PDF 192 KB)
  2. Hydride Development for Hydrogen Storage, Karl J. Gross, Sandia National Laboratories. (PDF 542 KB)
  3. Complex Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage, Darlene K. Slattery, Florida Solar Energy Center. (PDF 200 KB)
  4. High Density Hydrogen Storage System Demonstration Using NaAlH4 Based Complex Compound Hydrides, Donald L. Anton United Technologies Research Center. (PDF 252 KB)
  5. Discovery of Novel Complex Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage through Molecular Modeling and Combinatorial Methods (New FY 2004 Project), David Lesch, UOP Research Department. (PDF 103 KB)
  6. Sub-Nanostructured Non-Transition Metal Complex Grids for Hydrogen Storage (New FY 2004 Project), Orhan Talu, Cleveland State University. (PDF 105 KB)
  7. Complex Hydride Compounds with Enhanced Hydrogen Storage Capacity (New FY 2004 Project), Don Anton, United Technologies Research Center. (PDF 121 KB)

C. Carbon Materials

  1. Hydrogen Storage in Carbon Single-wall Nanotubes, M.J. Heben, National Renewable Energy Laboratory. (PDF 421 KB)
  2. Doped Carbon Nanotubes for Hydrogen Storage, Ragaiy Zidan, Westinghouse Savannah River Technology Center. (PDF 299 KB)
  3. Hydrogen Storage in Metal-Modified Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes, Channing Ahn, California Institute of Technology. (PDF 226 KB)
  4. Carbon-based Sorbent Systems for an Effective Containment of Hydrogen (New FY 2004 Project), Guido P. Pez, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (PDF 102 KB)

D. Chemical Hybrides

  1. Process for the Regeneration of Sodium Borate to Sodium Borohydride for Use as a Hydrogen Storage Source (New FY 2004 Project), Ying Wu, Millennium Cell, Inc. (PDF 102 KB)
  2. Chemical Hydride Slurry for Hydrogen Production and Storage (New FY 2004 Project), Andrew W. McClaine, Safe Hydrogen, LLC. (PDF 105 KB)

E. New Materials

  1. Novel, Light-Element Nanostructured Materials for Hydrogen Storage (New FY 2004 Project), George Gruner, Nanomix, Inc. (PDF 102 KB)

F. Testing

  1. Standardized Testing Program For Emergent Chemical Hydride And Carbon Storage Technologies, Richard A. Page, Southwest Research Institute. (PDF 180 KB)

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