2003 Annual Progress Report

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V. Technology Validation

  1. Validation of an Integrated System for a Hydrogen-Fueled Power Park, Todd Carlson, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (PDF 113 KB)
  2. Novel Compression and Fueling Apparatus to Meet Hydrogen Vehicle Range Requirements, Todd Carlson, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (PDF 106 KB)
  3. Hawaii Hydrogen Power Park, Maurice Kaya, State of Hawaii Department of Business (PDF 518 KB)
  4. Hydrogen Power Park, Rob Regan, DTE Energy Company (PDF 178 KB)
  5. Power Parks System Simulation, Andrew Lutz, Sandia National Laboratories (PDF 134 KB)
  6. Filling Up With Hydrogen 2000, Matthew Fairlie, Stuart Energy USA (PDF 258 KB)
  7. Hydrogen Refueling Technology, Michele R. Davies, HyRadix, Inc. (PDF 209 KB)
  8. Fuel Cell Installation and Demonstration Project In Gallatin County, Montana, Bruce Nelson, Zoot Enterprises, Inc. (PDF 108 KB)
  9. Global Assessment of Hydrogen-Based Technologies, Fouad H. Fouad, University of Alabama at Birmingham (PDF 197 KB)
  10. Advanced Thermal Hydrogen Compression, David H. DaCosta, Ergenics, Inc. (PDF 217 KB)
  11. Uninterrupted Power Source, Robert R. Aronsson, Apollo Energy Systems, Inc. (PDF 156 KB)
  12. Development of a Hydrogen Fuel Based Power Park (New FY 2004 Project), Raymond S. Hobbs, Pinnacle West Capital Corporation (PDF 102 KB)

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