Delivering Renewable Hydrogen: A Focus on Near-Term Applications

On November 16, 2009, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the California Fuel Cell Partnership conducted a workshop on near-term applications of renewable hydrogen. Held in Palm Springs, California, the workshop consisted of several presentations in addition to a special show-and-tell session on hydrogen systems analysis models.

The workshop agenda and presentations below can be viewed as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

  • Workshop Agenda (PDF 81 KB)
  • Welcome and Opening Remarks (PDF 1.1 MB), Robert Remick, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Session 1: Renewable Hydrogen Policy and Markets

Moderator: Nancy Garland, U.S. Department of Energy

  • Hydrogen Policy and Analyzing the Transition (PDF 698 KB), Paul Leiby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • California Regulations on Renewable Hydrogen and Low Carbon Technologies (PDF 562 KB), Gerhard Achtelik, California Air Resource Board

  • Hydrogen Funding and the AB 118 Investment Plan (PDF 62 KB), Peter Ward, California Energy Commission

  • Renewable Hydrogen: The Environmental Perspective (PDF 207 KB), Tyson Eckerle, Energy Independence Now

Session 2: Hydrogen Pathways and Markets

Moderator: Catherine Dunwoody, California Fuel Cell Partnership

  • Pathway and Resource Overview, (PDF 685 KB), Mark Ruth, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • The Power of "AND" (PDF 3.1 MB), Praveen Kedar, GM

  • Renewable, Green LNG: Update on the World's Largest Landill Gas to LNG Plant (PDF 432 KB), Steve Eckhardt, Linde

Session 3: Hydrogen from Biogas

Moderator: Marc Melaina, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Analysis of a Cluster Strategy for Near term Hydrogen Infrastructure Rollout in Southern California (PDF 1.6 MB), Mike Nicholas, University of California Davis

  • Fuel Cell Power Model for CHHP System Economics and Performance Analysis (PDF 819 KB), Darlene Steward, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Development of a Renewable Hydrogen Energy Station (PDF 1.3 MB) Pinakin Patel, Fuel Cell Energy; Ed Heydorn, Air Products

Session 4: Project Showcase and Developments

Moderator: Paul Scott, California Hydrogen Business Council

  • Renewable Hydrogen Production at Hickam Air Force Base (PDF 921 KB), Thomas Quinn, HCATT

  • NREL Wind to Hydrogen Project: Renewable Hydrogen Production for Energy Storage and Transportation (PDF 1.5 MB), Todd Ramsden, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Technikon Green Energy Development: RETC Renewable Energy Testing Center (PDF 3.8 MB), Bill Walden, Technikon

Evening Plenary Session and Presentation

  • Pathways to Fuel Cell Deployment—The 3rd Party Transaction: A Vehicle to Implementation (PDF 26.8 MB), Thomas Damberger, Golden State Energy