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FY 2003 Financial Awards

In 2003, DOE awarded funding to a number of science and research projects to support research, development, and demonstration of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Advanced Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research

In July 2003, DOE announced the selection of 13 firms and educational institutions in twelve states to receive $75 million in cost-shared awards to fund new research in advanced fuel cell technology for vehicles, buildings and other applications. Combined with earlier awards to an additional 11 firms and universities in eight states for $21 million in hydrogen storage, production, and sensor technologies, the Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded a total of $96 million in new awards in support of the President's FreedomCAR and Hydrogen Fuel Initiatives. DOE will negotiate cost-shared agreements with the 24 firms and educational institutions for a total of approximately $136 million ($96 million government and $40 million applicant cost sharing).

Awards were made in two project categories: fuel cell technology and hydrogen technology. Fuel cell technology research will primarily focus on overcoming technical barriers to commercialization, including durability, high costs, heat utilization, and catalyst development. Hydrogen technology research will focus on overcoming the technical barriers of storage capacity and cost, along with improving life cycle cost and energy efficiency, improving methods of hydrogen production, and sensors for detecting hydrogen. For details, see:

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