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FY 2005 Financial Awards

In 2005, DOE awarded funding to a number of science and research projects to support research, development, and demonstration of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Hydrogen Production and Delivery Research

This award funds over $75 million in hydrogen production and delivery research projects to support the President's Hydrogen Initiative. These research projects address major technical and economic hurdles in renewable and distributed hydrogen production technologies that must be overcome to make the President's vision a reality. Projects range from exploratory research on long-term sustainable, carbon-free pathways to near-term distributed hydrogen generation appliances that can be sited at existing gasoline stations. Specific award categories include:

The teams and awards in each of these categories are summarized in Hydrogen Research Projects Selected for $75 Million in DOE Awards.

Work resulting from the awards is expected to increase the United States' leadership in hydrogen technology. When private cost share is included, these projects come to a nearly $100 million investment in this second round of major hydrogen research funding. The projects involve 36 lead organizations and include over 80 teaming organizations. Selected organizations include academia, industry, and support by DOE national laboratories. Projects were chosen through a merit-review, competitive solicitation process.

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