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2003 Annual Progress Report

The FY 2003 Progress Report for Fuel Cell Technologies Office summarizes the hydrogen and fuel cell R&D activities and accomplishments of FY 2003. The document is very large; each individual technical report is available as an individual Adobe Acrobat PDF for easier use.

Front Cover

Benefits of a Hydrogen Economy

Title Page and Acknowledgment

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Distributed Production Technologies

  1. Distributed Production Technologies
  2. Production from Biomass
  3. Photolysis
  4. Electrolysis
  5. High-Temperature Thermochemical Processes

III. Hydrogen Storage

  1. Compressed/Liquid H2 Tanks
  2. Hydrides
  3. Carbon Materials
  4. Chemical Hybrides
  5. New Materials
  6. Testing

IV. Fuel Cells

  1. Transportation Power Systems
  2. Transportation Systems Components
  3. Stationary Power Systems
  4. Fuel Processing Subsystem and Components
  5. Fuel Cell Stack Subsystem and Components
  6. Crosscutting Fuel Cell Characterization and Evaluation

V. Technology Validation

VI. Integrated Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Demonstration/Analysis

  1. System Analysis
  2. Demonstration

VII. Safety and Codes & Standards

  1. Safety and Codes & Standards
  2. Sensors for Safety and Performance

VIII. Education

IX. Conversion Devices

  1. Turbines
  2. Internal Combustion Engines

X. Acronyms and Abbreviations

XI. Primary Contact List

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