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Strategic Directions for Hydrogen Delivery Workshop

The U.S. Department of Energy sponsored a Hydrogen Delivery Workshop in Washington, DC, May 7-8, 2003. Attendees included researchers, government officials, and industry members.

A key element of the overall hydrogen energy infrastructure is the delivery system that moves the hydrogen from its point of production to an end-use device. The DOE's Fuel Cell Technologies Office will initiate, in fiscal year 2004, a research program targeted specifically at addressing hydrogen transportation and delivery. This special workshop was held to outline the future technology and research needs for developing cost-effective, reliable, and safe hydrogen delivery systems.

The proceedings of the Hydrogen Delivery Workshop, which include the presentations and the recommendations of the four breakout groups, are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.


Strategic Directions for Hydrogen Delivery (PDF 1.4 MB), summary of workshop proceedings, including breakout group results and list of participants.


Program Overview (PDF 759 KB), Mark Paster, U.S. Department of Energy

Hydrogen Storage (PDF 741 KB), Jay Keller, Sandia National Laboratories

Liquefaction and Compression (PDF 792 KB), Raymond Drnevich, Praxair

Solid and Liquid Carriers (PDF 365 KB), Guido Pez, Air Products

Hydrogen Pipelines (PDF 579 KB), Jim Campbell, Air Liquide

Breakout Session

Bulk Storage (PDF 129 KB)

Gaseous Hydrogen (PDF 96 KB)

Liquid Hydrogen (PDF 82 KB)

Liquid and Solid Carriers (PDF 97 KB)

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