New Fuel Cell Projects Meeting

On February 13-14, 2007, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) held a kick-off meeting for fuel cell projects awarded under a hydrogen R&D solicitation. Principal investigators presented project overviews, which are provided below.

Topics include:

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Meeting Agenda and Overviews

  • Meeting Agenda (PDF 83 KB)
  • New Fuel Cell Projects Overview (PDF 1.2 MB), P. Davis, DOE
  • New Fuel Cell Projects Overview (PDF 609 KB), N. Garland, DOE


  • Membranes and MEAs for Dry, Hot Operating Conditions (PDF 126 KB), S. Hamrock, 3M
  • New Polyelectrolyte Materials for High Temperature Fuel Cells (PDF 164 KB), J. Kerr, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Durable, Low-Cost, Improved Fuel Cell Membranes (PDF 169 KB), M. Foure, Arkema

Water Transport Studies

  • Visualization of Fuel Cell Water Transport and Performance Characterization under Freezing Conditions (PDF 1.2 MB), S. Kandlikar, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Water Transport in PEM Fuel Cells: Advanced Modeling, Material Selection, Testing, and Design Characterization (PDF 976 KB), V. Cole, CFD Research
  • Subfreezing Start/Stop Protocol for an Advanced Metallic Open-Flowfield Fuel Cell Stack (PDF 2.6 MB), J. Cross, Nuvera
  • Water Transport within the Stack: Water Transport Exploratory Studies (PDF 1.2 MB), R. Borup, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Catalyst Development

  • Advanced Cathode Catalysts and Supports for PEM Fuel Cells (PDF 145 KB), M. Debe, 3M
  • Highly Dispersed Alloy Cathode Catalyst for Durability (PDF 582 KB), T. Jarvi, UTC Power
  • Advanced Cathode Catalysts (PDF 1.5 MB), P. Zelenay, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Non-Platinum Cathode Electrocatalyst-Based on Bimetallic Base Metal-Noble Metal Systems (PDF 1.7 MB), D. Myers, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Development of Alternative and Durable High Performance Cathode Supports for PEM Fuel Cells (PDF 314 KB), Y. Wang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Innovative Fuel Cell Concepts

  • Aligned Carbon Nanotube-Based MEA and PEMFC (PDF 2.1 MB), D-J Liu, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Lightweight, Low-Cost PEM Fuel Cell Stacks (PDF 257 KB), J. Wainright, Case Western Reserve University
  • Adaptive Stack with Subdivided Cells for Improved Stability, Reliability, and Durability Under Automotive Load Cycle, B. Du, Plug Power
  • Low-Cost Manufacturable Microchannel Systems for Passive PEM Water Management (PDF 606 KB), S. Stenkamp, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Cell Hardware

  • Next Generation Bipolar Plates for Automotive PEM Fuel Cells, Adrianowycz, GrafTech
  • Nitrided Metallic Bipolar Plates (PDF 776 KB), P. Tortorelli, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Low Cost Durable Seals (PDF 823 KB), G. Roberts, UTC Power

Reporting Requirements

  • Reporting Requirements (PDF 294 KB), R. Tyler, Golden Field Office

Impurity Studies

  • Effects of Impurities on Fuel Cell Performance and Durability (PDF 681 KB), T. Molter, University of Connecticut
  • Effects of Impurities on Fuel Cell Performance and Durability (PDF 322 KB), J. Goodwin, Clemson University
  • Effects of Fuel and Air Impurities on PEM Fuel Cell Performance (PDF 825 KB), F. Garzon, Los Alamos National Laboratory


  • International Stationary Fuel Cell Demonstration (PDF 1.7 MB), J. Vogel, Plug Power
  • Development and Demonstration of a New Generation High Efficiency 2-kW Combined Heat and Power Unit, K. Durai-Swamy, Intelligent Energy
  • Intergovernmental Stationary Fuel Cell System Demonstration, M. Parsons, Plug Power