New Report Shows Leading Companies Purchased 32 MW of Stationary Fuel Cell Power in 2012 Alone

    December 5, 2012

    The Business Case for Fuel Cells 2012: America’s Partner in Power, a new report released today supported by the Fuel Cell Technologies Program and compiled by Fuel Cells 2000, profiles companies achieving both economic and environmental benefits with fuel cell deployments as part of an overall sustainability plan. Leading companies continue to move the fuel cell industry forward, purchasing more than 32 MW of stationary fuel cell systems and 1,100 fuel cell forklifts for U.S. facilities in the past year alone. Several are relying on fuel cells to help provide reliable power to major data centers and communications hubs.

    Many companies are becoming repeat fuel cell customers, purchasing additional systems after experiencing benefits and savings. The leaders are AT&T, with more than 17 MW either installed or on order for 28 sites in Connecticut and California; Walmart, with 26 stores in California powered by fuel cells and three facilities in North America using fuel cell forklifts; and Sysco, with more than 700 fuel cell forklifts deployed at seven facilities in the United States, with hundreds more on order.

    This new report is third in the series. The 2010 and 2011 reports profiled 62 well-known companies using fuel cells for backup or primary power, or materials handling. The companies in those reports have purchased or deployed more than 45 MW of stationary power and 2,000 fuel cell-powered forklifts.