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News Archives - 2006


DOE Announces High Temperature, Low Relative Humidity Polymer-Type Membrane Awards
Roadmap on Manufacturing R&D for the Hydrogen Economy Available for Public Comment
Deadline Extended for Hydrogen Production Cost Request


DOE Seeks Applicants for Solicitation on the Employment Effects of a Transition to a Hydrogen Economy
DOE Issues Solicitation for On-Board Vehicular Hydrogen Storage R&D


DOE Releases New Analysis Tools for Hydrogen Delivery Technologies
New DOE Employment Opportunity Available in Hydrogen Storage


Baseline Survey Identifies Knowledge and Opinions About Hydrogen


Secretary of Energy Appoints Hydrogen Technical Advisory Committee


DOE Loan Guarantee Program Promotes Innovative Technologies
DOE Announces Hydrogen Storage Funding Opportunity
Carbon Nanotubes for On-Board Hydrogen Storage: Go/No-Go Decision
New DOE Employment Opportunity Available in Hydrogen Production


Public Welcome at Hydrogen Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
DOE Announces Hydrogen Funding Opportunity for Small Businesses


DOE Awards $100 Million in Fuel Cell R&D


Annual Progress Report Highlights Hydrogen Program Activities
DOE Issues Statement on Hydrogen Storage Research
New Database Offers State Information about Hydrogen Policies and Demonstrations