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News Archives - 2011


Hawaii's Natural Energy Institute to Host Pre-RFP Conference January 18
U.S. Department of Energy Publishes 2010 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Report
Fuel Cell Technologies to Power Transit Buses
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Portable Light Tower Lights Up the Golden Globe Awards


H2 Safety Snapshot Newsletter Released
The Breakthrough Behind a 300% Increase in Photosynthesis Productivity
NREL Issues Sources Sought Notice: Deployment of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Systems into Green Communities
DOE Hydrogen Program Releases 2010 Annual Progress Report
University of Waterloo Wins 2011 Hydrogen Student Design Contest


DOE Clean Cities and National Park Service Accepting Proposals for Transportation Projects
Fuel Cell Technologies Program Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities Available
Motorweek PBS Airs Fuel Cell Vehicle Segment
Fuel Cell Powered Mobile Lighting System Wins Prestigious Editor's Choice Award
NREL to Hold Workshop on Energy Storage Needs for Material Handling Equipment in Conjunction with ProMat 2011
DOE Announces Funding Opportunity for Applied Research and Development in Hydrogen Storage Technologies
DOE and Partners to Host Webinar April 4: Fuel Cells for Supermarkets
DOE to Host Annual Merit Review Meeting


HTAC Issues 2010 Annual Report
Request for Information (RFI) for Supporting Ongoing Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Demonstration and Validation Activities
DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Program Announces Reversible Fuel Cell Workshop on April 19
Webinar: Science Magazine Highlight - Moving Towards Near Zero Platinum Fuel Cells


Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program Presents 2011 Annual Merit Awards
DOE Webinar: Hydrogen Production by PEM Electrolysis - Spotlight on Giner and Proton
IEA HIA Honors U.S. Researcher at International Conference on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells


DOE Announces Expanded Partnership with Industry to Advance Next-Generation Automotive Technologies
DOE and DOT Release Fuel Cell Transit Bus Targets RFI
DOE Webinar: Fuel Cells and Renewable Portfolio Standards
Webinar June 21: Top Five Fuel Cell States – Why Local Policies Mean Green Growth
2011 State of the States: Fuel Cells in America Report Issued


ITP Funding Available for Transformational Manufacturing Technologies and Innovative Materials
DOE Releases Annual Market Reports for Wind Energy, Advanced Vehicles, and Fuel Cell Technology
Webinar July 19: Where the Jobs Are – Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Your Area
Departments of Energy, Defense Partner to Install Fuel Cell Backup Power Units at Eight Military Installations
Application Deadline Extended for ITP’s Innovative Manufacturing Initiative Funding Opportunity


Department of Energy Awards Nearly $7 Million to Advance Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Storage Systems Research
Webinar August 16: Go Local - Maximizing Your Local Renewable Resources with Fuel Cells
H2 Safety Snapshot Newsletter Released
DOE Applauds World's First Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Station in Orange County


Fuel Station of the Future – Innovative Approach to Fuel Cell Technology Unveiled in California
Vacancy Announcements Posted for Hydrogen Fuels R&D Position
Hydrogen Student Design Contest Inspires and Opens Doors


Full Application Deadline Extended for ITP’s Innovative Manufacturing Initiative Funding Opportunity
Portland Community College Celebrates Commissioning of Combined Heat and Power Fuel Cell System
2011 DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Report Posted
DOE Releases 2011 Report on Pathways to Commercial Success for Fuel Cell Technologies
DOE Releases Request for Information on Total Costs of Ownership of Future Light-Duty Vehicles
Update to DOE RFI on Total Costs of Ownership of Future Light-Duty Vehicles


Registration Deadline Extended for the Hydrogen Student Design Contest
DOE Highlights Commissioning of Innovative Fuel Cell System at U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground


Fuel Cell Lift Trucks: A Grocer's Best Friend
Webinar December 7: Fuel Cells and Telecom – Reports from the Field
DOE Launches Comprehensive Hydrogen Storage Materials Clearing House
Energy Department Awards More Than $7 Million for Innovative Hydrogen Storage Technologies in Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
Fuel Cell Powers Up Festivities at Secretary Chu's Holiday Party