U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Fuel Cell Technologies Office

DOE Requests Information on Planned Hydrogen Storage Engineering Science Center of Excellence

April 30, 2007

DOE is seeking information regarding a new Hydrogen Storage Engineering Science Center of Excellence (CoE) for purposes of informing a funding opportunity announcement. DOE is planning the new CoE (subject to congressional appropriations and direction) to complement and coordinate with the existing three materials-based CoEs (in metal hydrides, adsorbents, and chemical hydrogen storage).

The purpose of the new CoE will be to research and develop the necessary engineering models, analyses, and data to enable the design of improved systems and components that have the potential to meet DOE's 2010, and ultimately 2015, system targets.

Visit DOE's E-Center to view the full "request for information" and for information on how to provide comments.