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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program Presents 2012 Annual Merit Review Awards

May 24, 2012

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE’s) Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program presented its annual awards at the 2012 DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program and Vehicle Technologies Program Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting on May 16, 2012. Each year, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program presents "Program Awards" for outstanding contributions to the overall efforts of the Program and "Sub-Program Awards" to recognize exceptional achievements in specific areas. This year, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program and the Vehicle Technologies Program also presented a joint "Special Recognition Award." 2012 award recipients are:

Special Recognition Award

  • Judi Abraham, Conference Management Associates, Inc.

DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program Awards

  • Argonne National Laboratory Technical Experts
    • Thomas Benjamin
    • John Kopasz
    • Walter Podolski
  • Catherine Dunwoody, California Fuel Cell Partnership
  • Jaimie Levin, AC Transit

DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Sub-Program Awards

  • Hydrogen Production: Katherine Ayers, Proton OnSite and Monjid Hamdan, Giner, Inc.
  • Hydrogen Delivery: Amgad Elogwainy, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Hydrogen Storage: Matthew Thornton, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Michael Veenstra, Ford Motor Company; and José Miguel Pasini, United Technologies Research Center
  • Fuel Cells: Radoslav Adzic, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Radoslav Atanasoski, 3M
  • Manufacturing R&D: Michael Ulsh, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Safety, Codes & Standards: Daniel Dedrick, Sandia National Laboratories

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