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Refueling Infrastructure for Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Lessons Learned for Hydrogen

On April 2-3, 2008, participants from industry, government agencies, universities, and national laboratories participated in a workshop to review lessons learned from efforts to commercialize alternative fuel vehicles and to discuss how those lessons apply to the commercialization of hydrogen vehicles. The workshop was held in Sacramento, California, and included discussions of past experiences with AFVs, hydrogen station demonstration projects, and stakeholder coordination programs.

The workshop agenda and presentations are posted below as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Workshop Proceedings (PDF 1.5 MB)

Workshop Agenda (PDF 102 KB)

Panel Session I: Lessons from the AFV Experience

Moderator: Dan Sperling, Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis, Director

Lessons and Challenges for Early Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure (PDF 1.2 MB), Marc Melaina, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Growth of the NGV Market: Lessons Learned Roadmap for Infrastructure Development (PDF 158 KB), Stephe Yborra, NGV America

Hydrogen Infrastructure Strategies (PDF 4.2 MB), Joan Ogden, University of California Davis

Panel Session II: Lessons from Hydrogen Station Demonstrations

Moderator: John Garbak, Department of Energy

California Hydrogen Highway Network (PDF 452 KB), Analisa Bevan, California Air Resources Board

Refueling Infrastructure for Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Lessons Learned for Hydrogen (PDF 257 KB), Dean Fry, BP

Panel Session III: Innovation and Coordination

Moderator: Stefan Unnasch, Life Cycle Associates, Innovation and Coordination (PDF 484 KB)

Minnesota E85 Test Market (PDF 1.4 MB), Tim Gerlach, American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest

NREL Alt. Fuel Lessons Learned: Hydrogen Infrastructure (PDF 644 KB), Britta Gross, General Motors

Innovation and Coordination at the California Fuel Cell Partnership (PDF 606 KB), Catherine Dunwoody, California Fuel Cell Partnership

HyLights — Tools to Prepare the Large-Scale European Demonstration Projects on Hydrogen for Transport (PDF 2.0 MB), Ulrich Buenger, L-B-Systemtechnik