U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Fuel Cell Technologies Office

2005 Hydrogen Pipeline Working Group Workshop

DOE held a Hydrogen Pipeline Working Group Workshop August 30-31, 2005 in Augusta, Ga. The workshop provided the opportunity for researchers to hear from industry experts about their field experiences with current in-service hydrogen pipelines (both new construction and converted). The group also explored research or other activities needed to improve costs and operability. Issues addressed by industry speakers included hydrogen pipeline construction, operations, maintenance, contamination problems, and hydrogen embrittlement. In addition, the DOE Pipeline Working Group provided a brief overview of its projects and presented its most recent results.

The Hydrogen Pipeline Working Group Workshop was held in conjunction with the SRNL-ASME Materials and Components for the Hydrogen Economy Codes and Standards Workshop. The proceedings of the Hydrogen Pipeline Working Group Workshop are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.


The Hydrogen Pipeline Working Group Workshop proceedings (PDF 1.2 MB) include the agenda, summaries of the industry panel discussion and question-and-answer session, breakout group results, and participant list.

Status of Ongoing DOE Hydrogen Pipeline R&D

Presentations on August 30, 2005

DOE Hydrogen Program and Delivery (PDF 3.1 MB), Mark Paster, DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Office

Hydrogen Permeability and Integrity of Hydrogen Transfer Pipelines (PDF 1.4 MB), Zhili Feng, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Natural Gas Pipelines for Hydrogen Use (PDF 214 KB), Thad Adams, Savannah River Technology Center

FRP Hydrogen Pipelines (PDF 756 KB), Barton Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Hydrogen Embrittlement of Pipeline Steels: Causes & Remediation (PDF 675 KB), Petros Sofronis, University of Illinois

Hydrogen Material Research (PDF 1.2 MB), Brian Somerday, Sandia National Laboratory

Materials Solutions for Hydrogen Delivery in Pipelines (PDF 1.6 MB), Subodh Das, SECAT

Pennsylvania Regional Infrastructure Project (PDF 2 MB), Melissa Klingenberg, Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Natural Gas Utilities Option Analysis for the Hydrogen Economy (PDF 65 KB), Mark Richards, Gas Technology Institute

Industry Operating Experience

Presentations on August 31, 2005

Hydrogen Pipeline Experience (PDF 473 KB), Leroy Remp, Air Products

Questions and Issues on Hydrogen Pipelines (PDF 1 MB), Jim Campbell, Air Liquide

Hydrogen Pipeline Discussion (PDF 189 KB), Robert Zawierucha, Praxair Technology Center

Code for Hydrogen Pipeline (PDF 105 KB), Louis Hayden, ASME

Hydrogen Piping Experience in Chevron Refining (PDF 373 KB), Ned Niccolls, Chevron

BP and Hydrogen Pipelines (PDF 207 KB), Gary Yoho, BP