Hydrogen Systems Analysis Workshop (SAW)

The U.S. Department of Energy sponsored a Hydrogen Systems Analysis Workshop (SAW) in Washington, DC, July 28-29, 2004. Attendees included government officials, analysts, and managers from DOE, the National Laboratories, and two Technical Teams. The purpose of the workshop was to describe and emphasize the importance of systems analysis to the Program, gain a community-wide understanding of the analytical capabilities of tools of the various organizations, and begin to formulate a plan and framework for a more coordinated analysis effort across the Program. Additionally, Robert Hirsch, a member of the National Academy Sciences committee that completed its study of the DOE Hydrogen Program in March 2004, made a presentation to the group.

The presentations given at the SAW are available via the below links as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Agenda and Attendees


  • Welcome & Introductions (PDF 302 KB), Dale Gardner, NREL Systems Integration
  • Role of Analysis (PDF 91 KB), Steve Chalk, DOE Hydrogen Program Manager
  • NRC Analysis Recommendations (PDF 229 KB), Robert Hirsch, NRC Committee
  • SAW Purpose (PDF 665 KB), Dale Gardner, NREL Systems Integration
  • Production, Storage, and FC Analysis (PDF 436 KB), Roxanne Danz/Sunita Satyapal, OHFCIT
  • Hydrogen Analysis (H2A) (PDF 256 KB), Maggie Mann, NREL
  • Advanced Vehicle Technology Analysis & Evaluation Team (PDF 213 KB), Lee Slezak, OFCVT
  • Fuel Pathways Integration Tech Team (PDF 109 KB), Don Gardner, ExxonMobil
  • Planning, Budget, and Analysis (PDF 267 KB), Phil Patterson, PBA
  • Argonne National Laboratory (PDF 4.75 MB), Marianne Mintz, ANL
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (PDF 718 KB), Jeff Stewart, LLNL
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF 2.09 MB), Maggie Mann, NREL
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF 5.86 MB), Marylynn Placet, PNNL
  • Sandia National Laboratory (PDF 623 KB), Andy Lutz, SNL
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF 4.45 MB), David Greene/Juan Ferrada, ORNL
  • Idaho National Engineering & Environmental Laboratory (PDF 586 KB), Finis Southworth, INEEL
  • Fossil Energy/ National Energy Technology Laboratory (PDF 760 KB), John Ruether, NETL

Agenda and Attendees