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R&D // 2004 // Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Research

Funding: $2.5 million

Open Date: 04/20/2004

Close Date: 05/28/2004

Selection Announcement: 2004-09-28

Funding Organization: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Funding Number: DE-PS36-04GO94020


High-temperature solid oxide technologies have the potential to provide low-cost and high-efficiency distributed production of electricity and hydrogen. Based on the early stage of development of this technology, particularly for hydrogen production, this announcement seeks innovative research leading to candidate materials and small scale stack testing for solid oxide fuel cells, reversible solid oxide fuel cell/electrolyzers, and other innovative solid oxide fuel cell electricity/hydrogen production concepts. To avoid duplication with the Office of Fossil Energy solid oxide fuel cell development, this technology is targeted for renewable power parks and automobile refueling station scale for distributed production of electricity and hydrogen.

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Last updated: 02/11/2009

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