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Funding Opportunity Announcement for FY 2011 SBIR/STTR Phase II Grant Applications

Funding: Up to $1,000,000 for SBIR and $750,000 for STTR

Open Date: 02/16/2011

Close Date: 04/04/2011

Funding Organization: U. S. Department of Energy

Funding Number: DE-FOA-0000508


The Department of Energy (DOE) invites all DOE SBIR/STTR Phase I Awardees from FY 2010 to submit Phase II grant applications. The Department may also reconsider previously submitted, peer-reviewed, high ranking Phase II grant applications from FY 2010. However, this is only at the discretion and request of the DOE Project Officer. Those applicants do not have an opportunity to reapply. If a previously submitted application is selected for funding, the applicant would be given an opportunity to determine if he/she is still interested and able to pursue the Phase II research project.

The purpose of Phase II is to perform the research and development required to meet the DOE objectives stated in the technical topic of the Phase I funding notice. In addition, it is intended that the small business grantee would be in a position to pursue commercial applications of the R&D at the end of Phase II. In many cases, Phase II results in a prototype product or a working process that can be demonstrated to a potential investor or customer (either in the private sector or in the Federal government, including the Department of Energy).

This funding announcement is supplemental to the FY 2010 SBIR/STTR Phase I Funding Announcement (DE-FOA-0000161); therefore, general information already provided in the FY 2010 Announcement also applies to this Phase II process. If a conflict arises, this Phase II Announcement will govern.  

For more information, see the full solicitation.

Last updated: 03/03/2011

Funding amounts and schedules are subject to change.