U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Fuel Cell Technologies Office – Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen Storage Testing and Analysis R&D

DOE's hydrogen storage R&D activities include testing, analysis, and developing recommended best practices. The status of hydrogen storage testing and analysis projects is detailed in the storage section of the Annual Progress Report.


DOE's testing efforts focus on establishing a testing and evaluation facility to assess the performance, safety, and durability of emergent, reversible, solid-state materials. Developing a standardized testing protocol and system will allow DOE to compare the potential performance of a wide array of materials and systems and focus R&D efforts on those that show the most promise.


DOE's analysis activities focus on developing consistent and complete comparisons of various hydrogen storage technology options—compressed hydrogen gas, metal hydrides, chemical hydrogen storage, and high-surface-area adsorbent materials—for on-board storage applications. Analysis results will provide performance, cost, and life-cycle assessments of these technologies and support future technology down-selection and critical milestone decisions.

Recommended Best Practices

DOE sponsored the compilation of Recommended Best Practices for the Characterization of Storage Properties of Hydrogen Storage Materials. This document provides an introduction to and overview of the recommended best practices in making measurements of hydrogen storage properties of materials.

Due to the breadth of the subjects covered, material is presented in its most concise and accessible form. Examples from literature add clarity to key topics and provide avenues for further detailed inquiry into a specific subject.