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DOE National Hydrogen Learning Demonstration

DOE's Technology Validation project is a government/industry partnership created to address the national challenge of ensuring reliable, domestic, diverse energy sources while reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil and protecting the environment. In April 2004, DOE selected teams to participate in "learning demonstrations" that include testing, demonstrating, and validating hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure as well as vehicle-infrastructure interfaces for complete system solutions.

Each validation project includes a comprehensive safety plan; an activity to assist in developing codes and standards; and a comprehensive, integrated education and training campaign. Teams are led by automobile manufacturers or energy companies and made of hydrogen suppliers, fuel cell suppliers, utility or gas companies, fleet operators, system and component suppliers, small businesses, universities, and government entities. Lead organizations will work with their teams to demonstrate integrated and complete system solutions operating in real-world environments. These demonstrations will assess the research program's progress toward meeting the goal of achieving a technology readiness milestone by 2015. View Technology Validation project papers and presentations.

The public technical analysis results from this demonstration are generated in the form of composite data products. View the latest Technology Validation project composite data products.

The team members include:

Chevron (Houston, TX) (Lead)

Daimler Corp. (Auburn Hills, MI) (Lead)

Ford Motor Company (Dearborn, MI) (Lead)

General Motors Corp. (Warren, MI) (Lead)

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