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In addition to the technical challenges being addressed through research, design, and development, there are obstacles to successful implementation of fuel cells and the corresponding hydrogen infrastructure that can be addressed only by integrating the components into complete systems. After a technology achieves its technical targets in the laboratory, the next step is to show that it can work as designed within complete systems (i.e., fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen refueling infrastructure).

Technology validation confirms that component technologies can be incorporated into a complete system solution and that system performance and operation are met under anticipated operating scenarios. DOE is developing and testing complete system solutions that address all elements of infrastructure and vehicle technology, validating integrated hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for transportation, infrastructure, and electric generation in a systems context under real-world operating conditions. Data will be collected to determine whether targets have been met under realistic operating conditions, to provide feedback on progress, and to efficiently manage the research elements of the program while providing redirection as needed.


Technology validation addresses the following key challenges to pave the way for commercialization of fuel cell and hydrogen infrastructure technologies:

A detailed list of the barriers to technology validation and the tasks required to meet these challenges is presented in the Technology Validation section of the Program's Multi-Year Research, Development, and Demonstration Plan.

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