DOE–EERE/NIST Joint Workshop on Combinatorial Materials Science for Applications in Energy

The Hydrogen Storage Subprogram of the U.S. Department of Energy co-hosted with the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Combinatorial Methods Center (NCMC) a workshop titled "High-Throughput/Combinatorial Material Science for Applications in Energy." The workshop was held November 5–7, 2008, on the NIST Gaithersburg, Maryland, campus as part of the regular series of semi-annual workshops hosted by NCMC. Two half-day sessions were focused on discovery of hydrogen storage materials, one half-day session on fuel cell membranes, and one half-day session on organic photovoltaic materials.

The meeting included talks by researchers involved in the relevant areas of materials development as well as researchers involved with development of high-throughput/combinatorial methodologies. A goal of the meeting was to develop networking opportunities among the research areas and to foster crosscutting collaborations. Participants represented industry, academia, and national laboratories.

Invited presentations reviewing the state of the art for hydrogen storage materials and high-throughput/combinatorial methodologies served as a foundation for breakout group discussions. Further meeting information, including the agenda, attendees, presentations, and discussion results from breakout groups, are posted on the NCMC Web site.