DOE Fuel Cell Pre-Solicitation Workshop

A Fuel Cell Pre-Solicitation Workshop was held on January 23-24, 2008 to discuss the most relevant fuel cell technology research, development, and demonstration topics appropriate for government funding in automotive, stationary, portable power, and early market applications. The public workshop, held at the DOE Golden Field Office in Golden, CO, was attended by more than 120 researchers, fuel cell developers, and other industry representatives. Plenary overview presentations were followed by facilitated breakout group discussions, organized into five general topic areas: 1) catalysts and supports, 2) membrane electrode assemblies, 3) water management, 4) early markets and demonstrations, and 5) solid oxide fuel cells for distributed power generation. The input from workshop participants and from the DOE Request for Information will be used to assist in the development of a planned Fuel Cell Funding Opportunity Announcement with awards anticipated in FY 2009.

The proceedings of the Fuel Cell Pre-Solicitation Workshop are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Meeting Agenda and Participants


  • Summary of Input to DOE Request for Information DE-PS36-08GO38002 (PDF 152 KB), David Peterson DOE Golden Field Office
  • DOE Fuel Cell Subprogram (PDF 372 KB), Nancy Garland, DOE Acting Fuel Cell Team Leader
  • Overview of the DOE Hydrogen Program (PDF 1.1 MB), JoAnn Milliken, DOE Hydrogen Program Manager
  • SOFC Technology R&D Needs (PDF 1.7 MB), Steven Shaffer, Delphi Chief Engineer, Fuel Cell Development
  • Portable Power R&D Needs (PDF 354 KB), Bob Sievers, MTI MicroFuel Cells
  • Market Transformation: Fuel Cell Early Adoption (PDF 762 KB), Pete Devlin, DOE Manager, Market Transformation and Manufacturing R&D Fuel Cell Technologies Office
  • PEM Fuel Cell Technology, Key Research Needs and Approaches (PDF 346 KB), Tom Jarvi, UTC Power
  • Transportation Fuel Cell R&D Needs (PDF 374 KB), James Waldecker, Shinichi Hirano, and Mark Mehall, Ford Motor Company; Craig Gittleman, David Mastenn and Scott Jorgensen, General Motors; Jesse Schneider and Scott Freeman, Chrysler LLC (USCAR/FreedomCAR Fuel Cell Tech Team Industry Members)

Breakout Group Reports