Hydrogen Manufacturing R&D Workshop

The U.S. Department of Energy, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Commerce, sponsored a Manufacturing R&D for the Hydrogen Economy Workshop in Washington, DC, July 13-14, 2005. The workshop brought together key industry, university, and government representatives to develop a roadmap for manufacturing R&D for: (1) hydrogen production and delivery systems, (2) hydrogen storage systems, and (3) fuel cells that convert hydrogen into electric energy. This workshop was conducted with support from the Manufacturing Research and Development Interagency Working Group, chaired by the Department of Commerce Committee on Technology, National Science and Technology Council.

The papers and presentations from the Manufacturing R&D for the Hydrogen Economy workshop are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Background Papers

  • Manufacturing Research & Development of Onboard Hydrogen Storage Systems for Transportation Applications (PDF 1 MB)
  • Manufacturing Research & Development for Systems that Will Produce and Distribute Hydrogen (PDF 370 KB)
  • Manufacturing Research & Development of PEM Fuel Cell Systems for Transportation Applications (PDF 415 KB)


Plenary Talks

  • The President's Hydrogen Fuel Initiative Plenary Talk (PDF 1.6 MB), JoAnn Milliken, DOE Hydrogen Program
  • The President's Manufacturing Initiative (PDF 276 KB), Dale Hall, Interagency Working Group on Manufacturing Research and Development, National Science and Technology Council

Industry Speaker Talks

  • The Road to Hydrogen - Challenges Ahead in Technology (PDF 680 KB), Rick Zalesky, Chevron Technology Ventures
  • Requirements & Status for Volume Fuel Cell Manufacturing (PDF 1.9 MB), Steve Mallinson, Ballard Power Systems Inc.
  • Status & Direction for Onboard Hydrogen Storage (PDF 1.9 MB), Andy Abele, Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc.

Partnering/IP Talks

  • Roadmap Workshop on Manufacturing R&D for the Hydrogen Economy (PDF 30 KB), Paul Gottlieb, U.S. DOE
  • Working with NIST (PDF 625 KB), Terry Lynch, NIST Office of Technology Partnerships
  • Public-Private R&D Partnerships Examples (PDF 847 KB), Pete Devlin, DOE Hydrogen Program