DOE and FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership Hydrogen Delivery and On-Board Storage Analysis Workshop

On January 25, 2006, the U.S. Department of Energy, together with the FreedomCAR & Fuel Partnership, held a workshop to review and discuss ongoing hydrogen storage and delivery analysis efforts. Attendees included members of the FreedomCAR & Fuel Partnership Technical Teams for Delivery, Storage, and Fuels Pathway Integration (including automobile and energy company representatives), analysts, and national laboratories. Presentations provided an overview of ongoing analysis efforts, preliminary results, and planned activities.

Agenda and Attendees


DOE and FreedomCAR & Fuels Partnership: Analysis Workshop, Mark Paster, DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Office

On-Board Storage Systems Analysis, Rajesh Ahluwalia, Argonne National Laboratory

Cost Analysis of Hydrogen Storage, Steve Lasher, TIAX LLC

Inexpensive Delivery of Compressed Hydrogen with Advanced Vessel Technology, Salvador Aceves and Gene Berry, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Forecourt Storage and Compression, Mark Richards, Gas Technology Institute

H2A Delivery Models and Results, Marianne Mintz, Argonne National Laboratory

Hydrogen Delivery Infrastructure Option Analysis, T. P. Chen, Nexant

Hydrogen Pathway Cost Distributions, James Uihlein, BP

Discussion Summary

Discussion Comments, Questions, and Action Items