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Welcome to the EERE Publication and Product Library. This library will allow you to find publications and products provided by the DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy specifically for our constituents. To help serve you better this database will allow you to:

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Analyzing Design Heating Loads in Superinsulated Buildings
Designing a super insulated home has many benefits including improved comfort, reduced exterior noise penetration, lower energy bills, and the ability to withstand power and fuel outages under much mo   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Product Thumbnail ImageBioenergy Technologies Office Multi-Year Program Plan: March 2015 Update
This is the March 2015 Update to the Multi-Year Program Plan, which sets forth the goals and structure of the Bioenergy Technologies Office. It identifies the RDD&D activities the Office will focus on   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Product Thumbnail ImageU.S. Billion-Ton Update: Biomass Supply for a Bioenergy and Bioproducts Industry
This report is an update to the 2005 Billion-Ton Study that addresses shotcomings and questions that arose from the original report..   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Green Jobs in the U.S. Bioeconomy
The emerging bioeconomy is improving U.S. energy security, addressing environmental challenges, and boosting U.S. technology leadership—while creating new industries and jobs.   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Growing America's Energy Future: Bioenergy Technologies Office Successes of 2014
This fact sheet summarizes key accomplishments and successes of the Bioenergy Technologies Office in 2014.   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Implementing a Zero Energy Ready Home Multifamily Project
An objective of this project was to gain a highly visible foothold for residential buildings built to the U.S. Department of Energy's Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) specification that can be used to en   Details Bookmark & Share
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Measure Guideline: Deep Energy Enclosure Retrofit for Double-Stud Walls
This Measure Guideline describes a deep energy enclosure retrofit (DEER) solution that provides insulation to the interior of the wall assembly with the use of a double stud wall. The guide describes   Details Bookmark & Share
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Technology Solutions Case Study: Hygrothermal Performance of a Double-Stud Cellulose Wall
Moisture problems within the building shell can be caused by a number of factors including excess interior moisture that is transported into the wall through air leakage and vapor drive, bulk water in   Details Bookmark & Share
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Business Solutions Case Study: Marketing Zero Energy Homes: LifeStyle Homes, Melbourne, Florida
Building America research has shown that high-performance homes can potentially give builders an edge in the marketplace and can boost sales. But it doesn't happen automatically. It requires a tailore   Details Bookmark & Share
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Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency - Study (Appendix A), June 2015
This study examines barriers that impede the adoption of energy efficient technologies and practices in the industrial sector, and identifies successful examples and opportunities to overcome these ba   Details Bookmark & Share
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