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Welcome to the Vehicle Technologies Publication and Product Library. This library will allow you to find publications and products provided by the Vehicle Technologies Office specifically for our constituents.

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Vehicle Technologies Program: Goals, Strategies, and Top Accomplishments
Fact sheet describing the Vehicle Technologies Program integrated portfolio of advanced vehicle and fuel research, development, demonstration, and deployment activities.   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Vehicle Technologies Program Planning
The Vehicle Technologies Program’s strategic goal is to develop sustainable, cost-competitive technologies to reduce U.S. dependence on petroleum, increase fuel efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emiss   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Multi-Year Program Plan 2011-2015
The Vehicle Technologies Multi-Year Program Plan, FY 2011 – 2015, outlines the scientific research and technologies developments for the five-year timeframe (beyond the FY 2010 base year) that need to   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Fuel Cell Technical Team Roadmap
The Fuel Cell Technical Team promotes the development of a fuel cell power system for an automotive powertrain that meets the U.S. DRIVE Partnership (United States Driving Research and Innovation for   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Electrical and Electronics Technical Team Roadmap
The Electrical and Electronics Technical Team’s (EETT's) mission is to enable cost-effective, smaller, lighter, and efficient power electronics and electric motors for electric traction drive systems   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Gas-Saving Tips
This fact sheet for consumers describes a few simple tips to help obtain the best possible fuel economy from vehicles and to reduce fuel costs.   Details Bookmark & Share
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Clean Cities 2015 Vehicle Buyer's Guide
Drivers and fleets are increasingly turning to the hundreds of light-duty, alternative fuel, and advanced technology vehicle models that reduce petroleum use, save on fuel costs, and cut emissions. Th   Details Bookmark & Share
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Ethanol Basics
Ethanol is a widely-used, domestically-produced renewable fuel made from corn and other plant materials. More than 96% of gasoline sold in the United States contains ethanol. Learn more about this alt   Details Bookmark & Share
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Clean Cities Now, Vol. 18, No. 2
This is version 18.2 of Clean Cities Now, the official biannual newsletter of the Clean Cities program. Clean Cities is an initiative designed to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sec   Details Bookmark & Share
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FY2013 Progress Report for Fuel & Lubricant Technologies
Annual progress report for Fuel & Lubricant Technologies. The Fuel & Lubricant Technologies Program supports fuels and lubricants research and development (R&D) to provide vehicle manufacturers and us   Details Bookmark & Share
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