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Innovative Retrofit Insulation Strategies for Concrete Masonry Foundations
Basements in climates 6 and 7 can account for a fraction of a home's total heat loss when fully conditioned. Such foundations are a source of moisture, with convection in open block cavities redistrib   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Climate-Specific Passive Building Standards
Passive design principles (super insulation, airtight envelopes, elimination of thermal bridges, etc.) - pioneered in North America in the 70s and 80s and refined in Europe in the 90s have proven to b   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Existing Whole-House Solutions Case Study: 56th and Walnut: A Philly Gut Rehab Development, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Load-bearing brick-masonry multifamily buildings are prevalent in urban areas across much of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. In most instances, these buildings are uninsulated unless they have been re   Details Bookmark & Share  
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New Whole-House Solutions Case Study: Technology Solutions for New Manufactured Homes, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
The Building America Partnership for Improved Residential Construction, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), and Northwest Energy Works (NEW), the current Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Performance Evaluation and Opportunity Assessment for St. Bernard Project
This report describes efforts by IBACOS, a Building America research team, in the St. Bernard Project, a nonprofit, community-based organization whose mission is to assist Hurricane Katrina survivors   Details Bookmark & Share  
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SSL Demonstration: Wall Washers at the University of Maryland
GATEWAY program report brief summarizing a demonstration of LED wall washers at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland.   Details Bookmark & Share
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LED Lighting in a Performing Arts Center
GATEWAY demonstration report of LED wall washer retrofit lighting at the University of Maryland Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.   Details Bookmark & Share
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A Meta-Analysis of Single-Family Deep Energy Retrofit Performance in the U.S.
The current state of Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) performance in the U.S. has been assessed in 116 homes in the United States, using actual and simulated data gathered from the available domestic litera   Details Bookmark & Share
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Development of an Outdoor Temperature Based Control Algorithm for Residential Mechanical Ventilation Control
The Incremental Ventilation Energy (IVE) model developed in this study combines the output of simple air exchange models with a limited set of housing characteristics to estimate the associated change   Details Bookmark & Share
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Duct Leakage Repeatability Testing
The purpose of this report is to evaluate the repeatability of the three most significant measurement techniques for duct leakage using data from the literature and recently obtained field data. We wi   Details Bookmark & Share
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