Plans, Implementation, and Results

The Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) works with U.S. industry to develop and deliver technologies and practices that improve industrial energy efficiency and environmental performance. This Web page includes links to documents that support and document the program management process, and the results and benefits that derive from it.

  • Overview

    Learn more about this EERE Office.

  • Plans

    Discover the plans, budgets, and analyses that set the direction of office priorities and activities.

  • Implementation

    Find out how the office controls, implements, and adjusts its plans and manages its activities.

  • Results
    Learn about the technological, commercial, and other outputs and outcomes that result from the public funds appropriated to the office and managed by it.


Legislative and Executive Guidance

  • P.L. 109-58, "Energy Policy Act of 2005", 2005
    The Energy Policy Act of 2005 set forth an energy agenda covering a wide range of energy technology research and implementation activities with provisions applicable to AMO activities.
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  • P.L. 110-140, "Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007", 2007
    The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), signed into law on December 19, 2007, set forth an agenda for improving U.S. energy security across the entire economy. While industrial energy efficiency is specifically called out in Title IV
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  • P.L. 102-486, "Energy Policy Act of 1992", 1992
    The Energy Policy Act of 1992 established numerous requirements for industrial efficiency, including those listed under Title I, Subtitle D, and several sections under Title XXI.
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  • P.L. 95-91, "U.S. Department of Energy Organization Act", 1977
    This legislation consolidated the Federal Energy Administration and the Energy Research and Development Administration to create the Department of Energy and define its mission.
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Structure and Key Contacts

Office News


Analysis (Risk, Benefit, Portfolio)


Deployment and Diffusion

  • National Data Center Energy Efficiency Information Program
    The National Data Center Energy Efficiency Information Program integrates and coordinates existing activities from the DOE Save Energy Now initiative, DOE FEMP, and the EPA ENERGY STAR program.
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  • AMO Activities by State
    In each state, AMO is helping manufacturers use energy more efficiently. Manufacturers receive funding for innovative R&D projects, technical tools, and workforce training.
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  • State Incentives and Resource Database
    The database provides access to thousands of rebates, grants, loans, assessments and other incentives for implementation of energy savings projects in a manufacturing plant.
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  • Nanomanufacturing Portfolio: Manufacturing Processes and Applications to Accelerate Commercial Use of Nanomaterials
    This brochure describes the 31 R&D projects that AMO supports to accelerate the commercial manufacture and use of nanomaterials for enhanced energy efficiency. These cost-shared projects seek to exploit the unique properties of nanomaterials to i
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  • Energy-Intensive Processes Portfolio: Addressing Key Energy Challenges Across U.S. Industry
    AMO is developing advanced technologies that cut energy use and carbon emissions in some of the most energy-intensive processes within U.S. manufacturing. The brochure describes the AMO R&D projects that address these challenges.
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  • Grand Challenge Portfolio: Driving Innovation in Industrial Energy Efficiency
    Under the Recovery Act, AMO provided cost-shared funding for early-stage, low-cost, "concept definition studies" of 47 promising innovations for next-generation manufacturing, energy-intensive processes, advanced materials, and greenhouse gas emissio
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  • Powering Progress in CHP: For Now, For the Future
    The Powering Progress in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) brochure provides information about the opportunities and benefits of CHP technologies and AMO's role in their development and delivery.
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  • Better Buildings, Better Plants Program
    The Better Buildings, Better Plants Program is part of a national leadership initiative calling on business leaders and others to create American jobs through energy efficiency.
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Codes, Standards, and Regulation

  • Superior Energy Performance
    This voluntary program provides a transparent system for verifying improvements in energy performance and management practices through application of the internationally accepted ISO 50001 energy management standard.
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  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard
    This powerful standard from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) provides an internationally recognized framework for organizations to voluntarily implement an energy management system.
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Education and Workforce Development

Competitive Solicitations and Grant Process

  • Solicitations – Active and Closed
    AMO periodically issues solicitations to pursue cost-shared R&D with industry and to build partnerships with states, utilities, and other organizations to accelerate adoption of advanced technologies and energy management practices.
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Commercial Outcomes

  • IMPACTS: Results Summary for CY 2010
    This report provides updates for energy and other benefits of AMO initiatives.
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  • Energy Technology Solutions: Public-Private Partnerships Transforming Industry - December 2010
    AMO's research and development partnerships with industry have resulted in more than 220 technologies and other solutions that can be purchased today. This document includes a description of each solution, its benefits, and vendor contact information
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