Plans, Implementation, and Results

Here you'll find an overview of the Wind Program and links to its program planning, implementation, and results documents. This list summarizes the program's wind power research, development, and demonstration activities. Read more about:

  • Overview

    Learn more about this EERE Office.

  • Plans

    Discover the plans, budgets, and analyses that set the direction of office priorities and activities.

  • Implementation

    Find out how the office controls, implements, and adjusts its plans and manages its activities.

  • Results
    Learn about the technological, commercial, and other outputs and outcomes that result from the public funds appropriated to the office and managed by it.


Key Office Overview Documents

Structure and Key Contacts

Office News

  • Wind Program News
    Stay current on the news about the wind side of the Wind and Water Power Program and important wind energy events around the U.S.
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  • Wind Program Newsletter
    This U.S. Department of Energy Wind Program Newsletter provides our partners and industry stakeholders with recent news about the program's R&D projects, its accomplishments, upcoming events, funding opportunities, and recent publications.
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Strategic Plans

Multiyear Program Plans

Office Budgets

Analysis (Risk, Benefit, Portfolio)


Technology Evaluations

Competitive Solicitations and Grant Process

In-Progress Peer Reviews and Process Assessments

  • 2012 Wind Program Peer Review Report
    This report summarizes the proceedings of the 2012 Wind Program Peer Review, the goals of which were to review and evaluate the strategy and goals of the Wind Program; review and evaluate the progress and accomplishments of the program's projects fun
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  • 2010 Wind Program Peer Review Report
    This report documents the evaluation of the technical, scientific, and business results of over 80 projects of the Wind Program, as well as the productivity and management effectiveness of the Wind Program itself.
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Summary Documents

Commercial Outcomes

  • 2012 Wind Technologies Market Report
    An annual report on the wind energy industry including key statistics, economic data, installation, capacity, and generation statistics, and more.
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  • Wind Program Accomplishments
    This fact sheet describes some of the accomplishments of DOE's Wind Program through its investments in technology development and market barrier reduction, and how those accomplishments are supporting the advancement of renewable energy generated usi
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  • Linkages from DOE's Wind Energy Program R&D to Commercial Renewable Power Generation
    The report compares wind energy technology and markets for the pre- and post-DOE Wind Energy Program as a backdrop for the investigation of linkages from the Program to downstream developments.
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  • Wind Energy Program: Top 10 Program Accomplishments
    Brochure on the top accomplishments of the Wind Energy Program, including the development of large wind machines, small machines for the residential market, wind tunnel testing, computer codes for modeling wind systems, high definition wind maps, and
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Technical Outcomes

Cost/Benefit and Return on Investment Studies

External Recognition