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Technologies for Evaluating Fish Passage Through Turbines

DescriptionThis study evaluated the feasibility of two types of technologies to observe fish and near neutrally buoyant drogues as they move through hydropower turbines. Existing or reasonably modified light-emitting and ultrasonic technologies were used to observe flow patterns, the response of fish to flow, and interactions between fish and turbine structures with good spatial and temporal accuracy. This information can be used to assess the biological benefits of turbine design features such as reductions in gaps at the tips and hub of turbine runner blades, reshaping wicket gates and stay vanes, modifications to draft tube splitter piers, and design changes that enhance egress through the powerhouse and tailrace.
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Program NameWater Power Program
Keywordslight-emitting; frame; rate; camera(s); high-speed; digital; light-emitting; diode; array(s); spatial; resolution; flow; Columbia River; detection; ultrasonic; tracking; acoustic; transmission(s); baseline; hyperbolic; hydrophones; hydroacoustic(s); ensonified; fish; water column; image; noise; tags; duty; cycle(s); ping(s); biological; accuracy; gaps; tips; hub; runner; blade(s); wicket gate(s); stay vane(s); draft tube; egress; powerhouse; tailrace; hmarketacpage; hydro_acceleration
Print Date10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM
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