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Report - Production of Gasoline and Diesel from Biomass via Fast Pyrolysis, Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking: A Design Case

DescriptionThe purpose of this design case study is to evaluate a processing pathway for converting biomass into infrastructure-compatible hydrocarbon biofuels. This design case investigates production of fast pyrolysis oil from biomass and the upgrading of that bio-oil as a means for generating infrastructure-ready renewable gasoline and diesel fuels.
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Product TypeReport/Plans
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First Received10/27/2009 3:05:35 PM
Program NameBioenergy Technologies Office
Keywordsbiomass, gasoline, diesel, pyrolysis, fast pyrolysis, hydrotreating, hydrocracking, design case, stable oil
Print Date2/1/2009 12:00:00 AM
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